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On matters associated with a governance and transformation program, however, such obvious ease for cascading and obtaining alignment would be more apparent than substantive. Units would follow orders: but would their supporting (or subsidiary performance scorecards in the end contribute to the eventual attainment of all the targets in the AFP Performance Scorecard? Units may easily comply in form; but would their compliance be based on full understanding, deep buy-in, and firm commitment to deliver the performance that would be required of them under the CS AFP Performance Scorecard?

It is with this question in mind that AFP General Headquarters was not satisfied with merely giving orders from the top. A few activities were considered a “must” and these, therefore, had to be undertaken.

• Trainers’ Training. This had been designed and offered to all the Governance Strategy Management Officers (GSMO) and designated action officers in every major AFP unit. These specially designated officers were given training on the AFP TR and given all the background and relevant information so they can conduct the necessary training for all offices within their respective units. In this regard, the establishment and proper staffing of the Center for Naval Leadership and Excellence (CNLE) in the Philippine Navy and the Army Governance Strategy Management Office (AGSMO) in the Philippine Army proved most helpful, since the officers assigned to these offices already had practical training in the execution of a transformation roadmap: they could speak from actual experience.

• Launching of the “I-Connect,” which goes being a forum for “best practice sharing.” The participants in this program include governance advocates and practitioners from other national government agencies and local government units that have been active participants in ISA’s governance boot camps and Public Governance Forum. While the initial coverage of this program included only those from the uniformed services, thus including governance advocates and practitioners also from the Philippine National Police, the coverage was soon extended to include other government offices.


• Launching of the “I-inspire,” which seeks to win the hearts and minds of all officers, non-commissioned personnel as well as civilian employees of the AFP for the AFP TR, by connecting the priorities included in the transformation roadmap of the AFP with the national agenda items of “inclusive economic growth” and the promotion and development of a “more peaceful, progressive, economically competitive and investment-attractive Philippines.” All AFP personnel were to be persuaded through this program to look at their tasks and duties as closely connected with the bigger picture, which is all about the enhancement of the country and the advancement of the Filipino people.

All these activities were launched and undertaken with a very clear objective: to get all the AFP units, from General Headquarters down to the last support and separate units,” to come up with a supporting or subsidiary performance scorecard of their own. In these scorecards, they are expected to make formal commitments of initiatives they will undertake, of measures they will use, and of targets they will meet at the end of each year—up to 2016—so they effectively contribute to the attainment of targets in the AFP Performance Scorecard.

To ensure that the activities above are undertaken and the supporting or subsidiary performance scorecards are formulated as formal commitments to deliver performance in support of the AFP TR, an office for strategy management had to be set up, with reporting responsibility direct to the CS AFP. The establishment of such an office led to the expansion of the former Office for Strategic Studies; that office, with an expanded role and added duties, became the Office for Strategic Studies and Strategy Management (OSSSM). This has turned out to be critical for the AFP moving forward and fast along the governance and transformation pathway.





Office for Strategic Studies and Strategy Management
Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City

TL: 911-6001 loc 6484
DL: (02) 364-1969

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